1. Hello

    It’s like I can’t draw at all right now, the thought of painting wears me out and I’m sorry I haven’t updated anything nice lately. I applied to the university and in a couple of days I’ll know if I got in. If I get in - I’m becoming an art teacher. If I don’t get in, I’ll problably cry for days and throw away everything I’ve ever done. That’s why I can’t draw, I guess. I’m nervous. So keep your fingers crossed for me. 

    But on the other hand, I can’t believe you guys still follow me and reblog the things I’ve posted and I just wanna say thank you. This blog has, thanks to the positive energy, given me a creative platform I enjoy. 

    In the meantime you can look at this picture of me. Hehe. 


  2. Butterflies, acrylic 


  3. matthgriff said: I love your art work!! Especially the feminist art!!! Keep on!

    THANK YOU! it means so much!!




  5. Hjortron



  7. One apple please


  8. don’t even like bananas but they look nice


  9. FRUIT

    click for better quality